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Feb 6, 2010 - Life Hacks    6 Comments

Get your Free Presentation Controller Here

If you happen to watch any TED videos, you can see that all speakers browse through their slides using a remote in their hands. Looks pretty cool, but the cost of a Presentation controller is not very.

My Laptop (Dell Studio 15) came with a Bluetooth mouse. It looked just like a mouse at first, soon I found 2 extra keys on the side, couple of hours later, two more hidden buttons were revealed.

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Feb 2, 2010 - Life Hacks    13 Comments

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Steve Jobs of Apple is considered to be one of the greatest speakers alive. Below is a speech he gave at a graduation ceremony at Stanford in 2005.

I turn to this video for inspiration and courage whenever I feel down. @AravindJose also said the same, I know you will also love this one. Its amazing.

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