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Oct 20, 2013 - Obsessions    4 Comments

5 Good Books I Read In 2013

I was obsessed with reading in high school. I have read every one of those Hardy Boys hard cover novels that was out there at that time.

I lost this obsession while I was in college. However, recently I have managed to bring it back to life. Biographies and Travelogues replaced Novels and Fiction.

This year, I have been reading quite a lot and here are 5 amazing book recommendations from the books that I have read so far this year.

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May 17, 2010 - Obsessions    2 Comments

iCon: The Story of Apple, NeXT and Pixar

The back cover of my copy of iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business had a review that said “… Once you start reading, you won’t want to put it down“. In my first sitting I covered 31 pages and that review proved to be true.

iCon is a biography of Steve Jobs and tells the story of his journey with Apple, NeXT and Pixar. I was expecting to read more about Steve Jobs, the man, but it turned out to be more of Jobs as a Entrepreneur with flashes into his personal life here and there.

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May 5, 2010 - Obsessions    2 Comments

It Was Never About The Bike

I decided to find out and started reading Lance Amstrong’s Journey Back to Life. I hadn’t read a book in over a year, in fact, the last book I read was “Blog Blazers by Stephane Grenier” and I completed reading it on 22nd April 09. Man, that’s a year ago.

The book is about his life so there is definitely lot of Bike-ing in this one. More than that, the book is about he being a cancer patient, about how he got over it, about the most wonderful people he met in his life, about how he had his baby and how he won the Tour de France.

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