Couple of Tweaks to Stay Healthy

Two days ago, I tweeted out saying: I haven’t had any regular physical exercise for the past 4 months or so. I think the body is getting weaker, should start today #NoteToSelf.

Today, after about 3 years, I went back to the school grounds near my home. Feels so good, some parts of the body ache, still…

Staying Healthy

I used to go there, back in my school days to catch some air. College + Blogging + Living Online, made me sedentary and I have put on some weight, plus the RSI.

I miss my bicycle, it used to be my exercising and transportation machine of choice. Its no longer usable, I should get another one asap.

Now the new plan is to exercise regularly, eat good food and sleep well. My wrist is a lot better now and I am planning on buying the Microsoft Natural 7000 Ergonomic Desktop (Keyboard and Mouse) soon.

Update on 30.Aug.2013: I bought the Natural 7000 Ergonomic Desktop last year and it solves the problem of the hand posture and helps prevent RSI. Was a regular to the gym for a year and is still running whenever possible.


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  1. monkeymind Avatar

    pinne, nee ippo mala marikkum. poda puluvadikathe. Regular Exercise is not for us.

    1. Lol, you hardly know me, I have turned mountains before. Guess what? I am still exercising, lets see 😛

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