This Got Me Thinking. What do I Really Want?

As it turns out, Cochin is my favourite city at the moment. I have admit that I haven’t travelled around a lot to have an equivalent frame of reference for a comparison. Whatever.. A trip to Cochin never lets me down. Whether its the people, or the food, or the shopping, I just love the city.

Yesterday morning I went to collect my Smiley Card (a privilege card that gives you flat discount at selected outlets) in their office at Kaloor. I met up with the man-behind-the-show, Mr. Benjith, we started talking. A question that he asked me got me thinking.

It Got Me Thinking (Shot with Canon 550D)

How am I going to get what I want, if I don’t really know what I want?

Well, I do like to do something nice and BIG with my life. I want to be someone for my loved ones to look forward to. The problem is, I don’t know (yet) what that is. I was hoping to find it eventually, but I am not sure if that is ever gonna happen. And even if it does happen, that wont be what I want to be, that will just be what I happen to be. You get the difference?

There is difference in marrying the girl you love and loving the girl you marry, rt? Something similar. I got this big tip yesterday, to quantify my dreams.

Obviously, I need money to make it come true, so one step I can take is to find out exactly how much I am going to need and how soon am I going to need it.

That’s a start.

After that, I Had some really nice time with @Shalvinpd (we went to check out a house first) at his home. From there I went back and collected my replacement 8GB Pendrive. Shalvin dropped me near North bridge where I met up with @RajeshTaracad and went to his home. His mom makes awesome Doshas! Love it ๐Ÿ™‚


3 responses to “This Got Me Thinking. What do I Really Want?”

  1. Even I’m in a similar situation.

    And there is obviously some difference in ” marrying the girl you love and loving the girl you marry…”

    1. Dude, there is not some difference, there is a lot of difference IMHO.

      Marrying the girl you love is winning, you reached your goal, you got what you wanted. When you love the girl you marry, you are settling to what life offered you. Settling is not what we want ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. what i follow these days is

        Keeps my brain straight… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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