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  • Internet On the Move with BSNL 3G and Option GTM 378

    Unlike the USB broadband connections, this card is placed inside the laptop, so the whole thing is an integrated unit, nothing to carry around and absolutely nothing protruding. It looks as if the laptop is born with internet.

  • First Campus Blogging Meet at Innovation Lab

    The first Campus Blogging meet was held at Innovation Lab, Cochin, on last 26th. Purpose was to make new bloggers, spread the idea of campus blogging and interconnect various campus blogging initiatives. Organised by @KenneyJacob, I was there to meet up with my friends and to take a session on ‘How to write good blog…

  • How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube in x minutes

    Lately, I got obsessed with a 3×3 small plastic cube popularly known as the Rubik’s cube. Though I used to play around with a cube at my friends place, the real addiction caught me after I learnt to solve one. Solving a cube is easy, the guru’s have brought down all the steps into some…