How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube in x minutes

Lately, I got obsessed with a 3×3 small plastic cube popularly known as the Rubik’s cube. Though I used to play around with a cube at my friends place, the real addiction caught me after I learnt to solve one.

Rubiks Cube

Solving a cube is easy, the guru’s have brought down all the steps into some easy algorithms. Follow these two awesome videos.

Additional Tips:

Buy a good quality cube. The one you get for Rs. 50 is useless. Buy the’s real Original Rubik’s cube for a start. In India, its marketed by Funskool for Rs 249.

Watch these videos over and over. Soon the algorithms will be wired into your brain and even when you get confused (which you will be), you will be able to recall them from the videos.

Take it nice and slow. Don’t rush to solve it as fast as possible. While doing one step, plan the next step in advance. Over time, you will grow faster and faster.

My record time so far is 1 minute 31 seconds using the above said algorithms, some lubrication and short-cuts. More on speed cubing, later.

Have fun, twisting and turning πŸ˜‰


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  1. monkeymind Avatar

    ohhh pinney, video kandu padikan njan onnu shramichatha. nadannilla.

    Neril kaanumbol paranju tannal mathi.

    the mail address i have used up to this time is fake(as I dont have any spare add). now created new /original.

    1. These videos are real good, not like the other one’s around. I tried some other videos, they all suck. This guy, Dan Brown is real cool.

    2. Your character is no different from the name you have over here πŸ˜›

  2. Well, i have tried them out! It works fine for me πŸ™‚ And i have improved my Rubik’s cube solving skills… My record is 1:47 mins

    1. Last week after this post, I got 1 min 25 secs, I got real lucky that time, the last row got solved automatically πŸ™‚

      1. Anyway, thanks for the post buddy πŸ™‚

  3. monkeymind Avatar

    My record time is 1 min 10 sec ….
    for eating 3 pazham poris..loooking at cube thinking how to solve it.

  4. monkeymind Avatar

    I have fixed all the cube with gum, now they dont move. fixed all the time.

    Full time fully fixed. My recod is 00.00 sec

    okay. this post is closed. puthiya post ideda. athu discuss cheyyam.

    1. Ee post kazhinjittu randennam koodi ettu. Kandille? πŸ˜›

  5. monkeymind Avatar

    pinne lavanodu para (pvarghese) cubeum pidichondu irunnal avante bloginte aryam katta puka.

  6. monkeymind Avatar

    poda, puthiya post ezhuthu.

    Satisfy your readers first.

  7. monkeymind Avatar

    I also want to put my photo here. but now it shows G @ 90 degree.

    1. Go to and register yourself and upload a pic for the photo to appear here. The photo is associated with your email, so give the same email as you are giving here. πŸ™‚

  8. monkeymind Avatar



    Uploaded the new photo.

    1. I uploaded the new post.

      yeah, the monkey looks like you, great work πŸ™‚

  9. monkeymind Avatar

    ninte photoyum ente photoyum orupola.
    meditating monkey and smailing monkey. da poyi puthiya post idan nokku.

  10. Cool πŸ™‚

    By the way, do you know Aamir khan can solve rubik cube in less than 2 minutes.

    If you have noticed, he carries it all the time in 3 idiots movie.

    1. I have noticed the cube in his hand all the time, didn’t know he was good at it. wow.

      btw, If you are into Hollywood, Will Smith can solve it too. He is seen solving it in ‘The pursuit of happyness” – Amazing movie πŸ™‚

      Thanks for dropping in!

      1. CUBERME Avatar

        BY the way…. Whats ur record?…. ente 14 secondsa….

        1. I remember mine to be just under 45 seconds or so. Its been years since I rolled that shit. Make a video bro, you doing it in 14 seconds.. so good!

  11. monkeymind Avatar

    da.. nee yara saipo.. enthu paranjalum hollywood.
    oh… ninne kondu tottu.

    njan chorum sambarum kazhikkumbol.. nee fried rice.. ninkenthada sadarana chor irangille

    ini hollywood ennu paranjal muttu kallu talliyodikku.. pinne ninte laptopum…

    1. He he, start watching Hollywood and you will see the difference. The kind of quality they have is far far better.

      In fact, many mallu movies have things copied from the Hollywood, so why watch the duplicate when you can get the original?

      1. monkeymind Avatar

        Many mallu movies… may be . but there are originals. Our kerala is small that is why the movies not reaching there. There are great Iranian movies. Did they reach holly wood.. no.. because hollywood poeple just like lobby. Before telling bad about us please read the speech by Abdul Kalam. May be you have read it before

  12. Got a new Rubik’s cube! It is a 4×4 cube. It is a FunSkool Product and it costs just 399 INR πŸ™‚ Liked it! Gonna try my hand in 4×4 cube solving. What is your speed in solving 4×4? @ArunbasilLal

    1. Dude, where did you get that 4×4 from? I have been searching for it a lot, if I send you the money, can you buy and courier it to me?

      OR tell me where it is available, I will get it somehow. Never solved a 4×4 yet. Good luck πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks buddy! How on earth will you trust me even though I can trust myself? That is all i should. Well, courier won’t do. Go and get it yourself. I got it from Odessey. You can get one from Oberon Mall.

        1. 400 bucks and trust? Heck, I know you wont run away with just 400 bucks πŸ˜›

  13. monkeymind Avatar

    The Rubik’s Cube

    – invented in 1974

    – by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture ErnΕ‘ Rubik.

    – Originally called the “Magic Cube”
    – the puzzle was licensed by Rubik

    – won the German Game of the Year special award for Best Puzzle that year

    “Space always intrigued me, with its incredibly rich possibilities, space alteration by (architectural) objects, objects’ transformation in space (sculpture, design), movement in space and in time, their correlation, their repercussion on mankind, the relation between man and space, the object and time. I think the CUBE arose from this interest, from this search for expression and for this always more increased acuteness of these thoughts…”

    – He is known to be a very introverted and hardly accessible person, almost impossible to contact or get for autographs

    – He typically refuses to attend speedcubing events. However, he attended the 2007 World Championship in Budapest.

    For more info, please read

    1. Oho, enna pullide kayinnu oru autograph medichatte ullu bakki karyam πŸ˜€

  14. monkeymind Avatar

    If u want it seriously, you will get it.

    Best wishes

  15. Rollicking! πŸ™‚
    Got the 4×4 solved… had a tough time when i tried it for the first time. And now, everything has become more like a 3×3 cube. 4×4 means more pieces and less time. Solved it in 3:02

  16. monkeymind Avatar


  17. […] had bought a 3×3 Rubik’s cube earlier from a local shop, here is how to solve a 3×3 Rubik’s cube. That one was the original Erno Rubik cube from […]

  18. Well.. thanks for the link.. but I’m kinda obsessed with solving it myself without any help one first time in my life.

    Got hooked to it last weekend at my friend’s place. Will get one for me.. like the one you said the Funskool version.

    Will watch these videos after my Cubinity is lost πŸ˜›

    1. well, then Good luck with that, you can figure out the solve your way if you understand how it works.

      Documents from this page (
      ) could help! Good luck.

      Finish up the 3×3 and I have more challenges –

      he he!

  19. I can solve it a minute.. My record is 52 seconds πŸ˜€
    Dan Brown is Amazingg

    1. 52 seconds is impressive man, you should make a video πŸ™‚

  20. Krish Pawargi Avatar
    Krish Pawargi

    It is excellent!

  21. Akash Thomas Avatar
    Akash Thomas

    Hi….i am from Wayanad and i own 2×2-7×7 cubes
    my time list: 3×3: sub 20 sec
    4×4:1 min 30 sec
    5×5:2 min 50 sec
    6×6 and 7×7: takes long time
    Why are no competitions organized here in kerala…..??
    Cubers who know about it contact me…
    my fb id:

    1. There are competitions held at university levels. There should be one every year in NIT Calicut. Sub 20 second is impressive man πŸ™‚

  22. Azif Jamal Avatar
    Azif Jamal

    I’m just 14 years old. But, I am crazy in Rubik’s Cube. I’ve learned so many algorithms in F2L, OLL and PLL. I have no original rubik’s cube. The only one that I got is the 5o rupee rubik’s cube. But my best time with that cube is 50.43 seconds. If I get a original rubik’s cube I’ll be able to break my own record. Thank You

    1. Oh man, go buy an original rubiks cube. Its only 200 to 300 bucks. Show your parents how you solve the 50rs cube and tell them you want to get better. Go on and find a speed cube. Get one, break it open, grease it up and set a record!

      1. Azif Jamal Avatar
        Azif Jamal

        Thank You for your inspiration. I’ve told my parents about that. They are going to buy a rubik’s cube for me. But here are no nearby stores that sell a shengshou or dayan zhanchi. If you know about any stores please inform me. Thank You

        1. Whare are you from Azif?

        2. Azif Jamal Avatar
          Azif Jamal

          I’m from North Mynagappally, Kollam. Is there any stores that sell shengshou rubik’s cubes

        3. should be your easiest choice. Go online and find one.

        4. Azif Jamal Avatar
          Azif Jamal

          How safe is ebay net banking and ebay delivery??

  23. Azif Jamal Avatar
    Azif Jamal

    Okay, thank you

  24. eda ninte veede evideya i can sovle in sube 35 sec my re 20 . 79

    1. Kochi. Make a video of you solving it in that time. I could do it in under 40 seconds at one point, havent practiced forever.

  25. SpeedCubingIndia Avatar

    my PB is 14sec

  26. chaitanya Avatar

    Ya ya ya at last i had finally break up my record book??????my best time 28 name is regestered at bamchick book….

  27. My cubing average is 29.13 sec, You gotta learn by watching videos ,if anybody can’t do that complete that, I’d say you suck it.. I averaged for 2 min when I started cubing ,Now I bought a cube Shenshou Aurora that reduced my time.. Now I am a intermediate solver,

    1. Congrats on your progress Joel πŸ™‚

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