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Feb 26, 2010 - Memoir    3 Comments

Feeling Satisfied in a Long Time

I don’t like the way exams are setup in our educational setup. If you ask me, I don’t have any alternatives either. From what I have seen, its not those who know more, but those who can remember more scores higher.

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Jan 29, 2010 - Memoir    10 Comments

A Week To Remember

What an awesome week this was. A lot of things happened this week, a short record –


Attended Church on Sunday. I rarely do that these days, but I love going to the church. Being in the church is a time to think of me and find my bits and pieces.


Sleepless night. I was preparing the presentation for the Campus Blogging Meet. I love staying up all night and its been about 2 months since I did it last. Felt so good.

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Jan 28, 2010 - Memoir    4 Comments

First Campus Blogging Meet at Innovation Lab

The first Campus Blogging meet was held at Innovation Lab, Cochin, on last 26th. Purpose was to make new bloggers, spread the idea of campus blogging and interconnect various campus blogging initiatives.

Organised by @KenneyJacob, I was there to meet up with my friends and to take a session on ‘How to write good blog posts’.

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Jan 15, 2010 - Memoir    5 Comments

Eclipse of a Lifetime

As a kid I used to go to my attic and watch the sky for hours at a time. Once when I was 15 I caught a shooting star, it was just for a couple of seconds, I still remember the excitement of the moment.

Solar Eclipse

Today there was an Annular Solar Eclipse and I got lucky to see it. It’s the first time I am seeing one. FYI, an annular solar eclipse is:

A special case of solar eclipse is called annular eclipse. It occurs when the moon is farther from the earth than normal distance, hence, its apparent size is not sufficient to cover the sun completely.

Therefore, even though the sun-moon alignment is perfect, the moon appears slightly smaller in diameter than the sun and a thin ring of sunlight is visible around the dark silhouette of the moon,โ€ explained Anil Yadav, incharge, Indira Gandhi Planetarium


Teachers were also equally excited to see the event, it was real fun to witness something like this with teachers and friends. Today is a memorable day ๐Ÿ™‚

See Some Images of Annular Solar Eclipse on Google, I don’t know how one can shoot a solar eclipse, maybe using a filter on the camera.