Having a Lot of Money might not mean Financial Freedom

Fortunately or Unfortunately, Money has a considerable role in our Social Life. In spite of having pretty good bank balances and investments, I have seen people thinking about money all the time.

I am not talking about greedy people, they are not worth mentioning here. I am talking of those people who have decent earnings and good financial backup, but who do not still fell financially free.

Why is it important to be financially free?

Financial freedom is a big deal.

I felt the air of the above said freedom last year when my online ventures started bearing fruits. Having money meant I no longer had to ask anyone with fake explanations on why something is very important to me and why I should be given more money. Soon money lost its glory as the end goal in a process. Money just became the means to reach a more glorious goal.

In my view, having a good job, or a lot of inherited wealth wont make you free. Freedom is a state of mind.

Open Road - My Concept of Freedom

So what’s the point?

One need to learn how to make money and find sources of money. For instance, if you know that you can make x amount of money in y number of days from what you already have (whether it be your skills, your investments, etc.), then that’s more freedom than having the same x amount of money in your bank.

In that case, you would be always confident that no matter what happens, you could always make that money when you need it.

If you can figure out how to make money from something that you cannot loose easily, you would feel the difference. You may loose your job, but if you learn how to employ your skills and talents (that you will probably never loose) you could be a better person.

P.S.: This is an un-tested version of my view, seeking advice and open to discussion.


7 responses to “Having a Lot of Money might not mean Financial Freedom”

  1. monkeymind Avatar

    Good view. I like the post.

    1. Thanks, who you are is still a mystery ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Hey Arun,
    First time here. What does Kuttappi mean, is that a malayalam word?
    Nice cutline btw, looks same as thesis theme. I have my personal domain ready, buts it’s pending to come out live since 2 months..

    1. Kuttan means a boy kid in Malayalam. Kuttappi is a popular name used as nick name for kids around here. It was my nickname when I was young.

      (I should add this to the about page #notetoself)

      Good to see you here, let me know when you have your personal blog ready ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. “I felt the air of the above said freedom last year when my online ventures started bearing fruits. ”
    But how? i don’t understand. Because there is no advertisement or donate option and you still making revenue online?

  4. other than kuttaapi and millionclues do u have aqny other site?

    1. I do have some others, but I do make money from MillionClues via Affiliates and I get a lot of Custom WordPress works from the same. Kuttappi is non profit ๐Ÿ˜‰

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