Buyers are Liars, wherever they are

“Do what you think if right”, “What do you suggest?”, “You are the designer, you be in charge”. These are some statements any designer or developer would love to hear (I guess) when given given with a project.

So he comes up with a cool nice design thinking that the client would be impressed. Sooner or later he would find that the client have something else in mind.

Buyers are Liars

Oh boy, where did the idea come now? Why didn’t you tell this earlier?

All the work is gone, he have to start from scratch. And if he is not working on a hourly rate, gone are those hours too.

I have come across this situation in every project I have worked on. They don’t know what they really want, so they give us the baton.

Better nail them first, and ask what they have in mind. Give them samples or ask for samples. And be prepared to be feel down. #NoteToSelf

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Buyers are liars. Amen.

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