Two Weeks of Work and RSI

I was working hard on some of my online projects for the past two weeks, including but not limited to a theme change at Million Clues. I was on the laptop for hours at a time and the result? Better looking blogs, completed projects and RSI.

RSI = Repetitive Strain Injury. I had known of this condition from my friends who have had this before – Kenney, Ranjith, and Binny. Since I never used to sit on my laptop like they did, I never cared about it until my wrist started paining.

Home Medicine: Adjusted height of the chair and got a wrist band. Took rest from not so important stuffs like chatting, Tweeting etc. The pain was going away.

I went to the doctor today (thursday) and he took an xray of my hand (I have a small projection on my left wrist, just to make sure its not a bone). He gave me tips and advised to take breaks.

Obviously, the position of the body is most important. The sitting posture should be such that all the parts get proper support. Don’t carry on work once you feel pain.

Find ways to prevent RSI here and here.

Update: I took rest for three days and the pain is totally gone.


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  1. One pic after two weeks –

    (This is what you get if you work on PC for too long :/ )

  2. […] I used to go there back when I was in school to catch some air. College + Blogging + Living Online, made me sedentary and I have put on some weight, plus the RSI. […]

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