YES+ : The Art of Living for the Youth!

I have been hearing good things about Art of Living for a long time. But I got the privilege to attend one, only last week. When I got the chance, I took it.

Well, I have to admit this: It was one of the best decisions I have taken in the recent past. It was AWESOME! Thanks to my friend Ravi for introducing me!

Art of Living is all about Personal Development. The development of the Mind, Body and the Spirit. There are many courses catering different age groups of people, I took one called the YES+. Yes+ is for the age group of 18 to 30. Deals with the solutions of the challenges youth has to handle during his life.

We had yoga, knowledge, exercises, and lots and lots of fun! I would heavily recommend this course to anyone who wish to do something with their life.

I took the course at the Art of Living centre near Rama Verma Club (Near TDM Hall), Cochin. Batches start on Tuesdays (Morning Batch: 6 am to 8:30 am and Evening Batch: 6 pm to 8:30 pm) and end on Sunday. Cost is just Rs. 800/-

Contact: Aswin – +91 8089160844 or Pramod – +91 7736687606

p.s: “Pain is Inevitable, but Suffering is Optional” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


5 responses to “YES+ : The Art of Living for the Youth!”

  1. One should attend this atleast once in life. I had a great experience- Your thinking and the way of looking at something changes.
    Thinking of attending it again just to have a push ๐Ÿ™‚ and it’s free to repeat.

    1. Cant agree more, there would be a shift it your total outlook and its good ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. well written bro… do share with me the best snaps..

  3. […] was a Sunday and there was a Follow up class of YES+, the Art of Living course I attended recently. We were given a hint that we all would go out to a beach, but for some […]

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