April Meant Travel

Too many things were happening around me last month. April was a time to travel. And Travel meant taking pics. Taking pics is the easy part. Post Processing it and uploading them takes time. I think I have pics for the rest of the year ๐Ÿ˜‰

April Fooled in Ooty

Ayruz was founded on April 1st 2009, which mean it was the second Happy Birthday. To make it special we all went to Ooty. I was invited cuz I am friends with the founders and since I was a refuge in their office ๐Ÿ˜‰

So we went. 3 bikes and a Lancer. Ride Ride Ride.. Butt breaks, Red Bull and switching drivers in between (forgetting Police checkings and police raids). JK had arranged rooms for us at Coonor.

We spent the time there eating food, partying, watching cricket world cup final (in which India won) and discussing random things, fighting and sightseeing.

Riding back home was hectic. I had a butt of Iron by the time I reached back in cochin.

The Best Part of the Trip is Yet to come..

On the second night, while we were back in hotel from JK’s home (after having a heavy chicken Biriyani fron Rani), Anand said, lets go get a coffee.

I was driving. I didnt have my license with me, bikes documents were also in our hotel room. And murphy’s laws proved itself again. It was just a 3km ride and there they were … COPS!

An officer waves his hand, I stopped. He asked for the docs, I said we left it at hotel. He said, pay the fine and get the f*** out of there.

Anand took over and guess what? we just listened to the last part. The rest was filmy!

We created a road block, dodged a couple of cars, got through a narrow passage and came back to our hotel at top speed. That was crazy!

Chriss Pfeiffer In Cochin

This is the first time I ever go for a live show. And Live is nothing like Youtube for one reason – its LIVE. He is too good with his bike.

The Thenmala Trip

Day Out. Packed bags, Me and Anand in his car. Awesome ride, awesome place, not so awesome food, and lots of monkeyish monkeys. Man, the view of the dam is awesome. And if you are crazy enough climb up the bridge like I did.

Drove to Trivandrum that day. But didnt spend time there. It was raining on the way back home. Great day!

Cochin Tweetup 23

Tweetup happens, you know! Life is like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

p.s: I went to Trivandrum for a second time this month, more on that later. Enjoy the pics.


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