What Do I Do For Fun?

Fun is overrated. It always has been and always will be. I think people do everything because it is fun. Sometimes its fun while doing it, sometimes its an insurance for fun in the future, and again sometimes we do things just to make sure that they don’t stand in the way of having fun at some point in the future.

People keep asking me this question, What do I do for fun. And it got me thinking. Truth is am not doing anything for fun. I don’t go out on weekends doing fun stuff like hobbies or traveling. I don’t stand in line to see a movie or hangout with my friends every now and then. In many ways there is no fun at all.

Here is why. As it turns out, somehow I am always having fun. I work on things that I love and I do that day after day without complaint and its always fun.

I am not trying to state the obvious cliche here, by saying “Do what you love” thing. Somehow, I just end up doing what I love, all the time. And that is fun for me.

Working on my start-up is fun. Freelancing was and still is fun. BarCamps and other meetups are fun. Staying up late on my laptop is fun.

I have my burn-outs, I have my off times, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun anymore. We all get bored of doing things day after day, and we all need a break once in a while.

And the reason why people are forced do something fun is because they are not having enough fun I guess. If you are having fun all the time you don’t really have to look for fun elsewhere. Oh people! Get a life 😉

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