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One Extra Dish

A sink full of dirty dishes can be disheartening to look at. Especially if you are the one responsible for cleaning it.

Now this might not work for everyone, but what works for me is to clean one extra dish each time I use the sink. If I am washing my hands, I clean a spoon. When I am washing a tumbler, I wash a plate.

In a matter of few hours, the sink is no longer what it used to be.

This extends beyond cleaning dishes:

  • If the house needs to be organized, I put away one thing each time I take a break from work.
  • When browser tabs add up, I close down one each time I need a mental break.

Action creates motivation

The thought of doing 25 push ups can be demotivating enough that one might not attempt it. But when you set your goal to do just one push up it’s easy. You might do it for the easy win. Now you are already in position, so might as well do two.

Two is better than one. One is better than zero.

The power of small actions compounded over months and years is underrated.

Imagine a world were everyone cleaned that one extra dish.


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