Troncones, Mexico

The Unlucky Cat

For the longest time, in my book, luck was a resort for the cowardly. If you couldn’t beat the odds and get what you want, you didn’t try hard enough.

How could I see otherwise from my seat of privilege?

With more time to look back, connect the dots and reflect on the journey so far, it is clear how much luck was involved in my life. Thank you!

There was once a kitten. A very cute kitten of course. She was curious, playful. A personality as striking as her tiger-like stripes.

Pooped where she should poop. Ate a variety of snacks without demanding treats. Social and loving. A good kitten indeed.

She came in to the wrong family. She didn’t come in, they brought her in. They took care of her of course. But she couldn’t be herself.

They couldn’t let her go because she was a good kitten. How unlucky!

Sometimes we are that kitten. 🐈

And when we are not, be grateful for all the blessings.


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