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One Extra Dish

A sink full of dirty dishes can be disheartening to look at. Especially if you are the one responsible for cleaning it.

Now this might not work for everyone, but what works for me is to clean one extra dish each time I use the sink. If I am washing my hands, I clean a spoon. When I am washing a tumbler, I wash a plate.

In a matter of few hours, the sink is no longer what it used to be.

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Your Perspective Is Limited By Your Knowledge

Waves On A Beach

Look at the waves above.

Many of you saw a beautiful photo. Some of you wished you were on a beach with a view like that. Some of you thought of your last beach vacation.

Very few of you saw the the way the waves curled. You noticed if it was going left or right. You noticed the peak and probably thought about the distance between the waves.

If you noticed all these, you are probably a surfer. You probably even picked a spot where you would position yourself to catch that wave.

It’s the same photo. But based on our knowledge, we all saw different things.

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Be Like Roma

For the longest time I believed that selfless love was a myth.

Helping strangers, every act of kindness, gives you joy and pleases your ego. Parents doing-it-all for their kids was biological and meant the survival of their genes.

In my mind, these are not selfless.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not think these are any less. It’s okay to be not-selfless. For me the reasons aren’t always as important as the end result.

I am not claiming to understand selfless love. But I have a perspective at least.

This is what I know now. Selfless love hurts. It’s a whole lot of pain. And one without any glory in the end.

Let me tell you a story.

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Doers FTW

I was recently very surprised to find that many of the doers I know are not familiar with the “Man In The Arena” quote.

It’s an extract from a Theodore Roosevelt speech, a paragraph that had great influence on my life.

Man In The Arena Theodore Roosevelt Quote

It’s amazing what we can do once the fear of rejection and criticism are manageable.

Criticism has its place of course. Brene Brown points it out correctly in the following talk. I will leave the punch line for the video. Hint, look for the 7:00 min mark.

Thanks to @glueckpress for sharing the video with me and to @Ingrid for the image above.

Imagine for a minute that there is no fear and no one is judging you. Whatever that is holding you back is gone. What would you do?

Why not just do it?

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The Lucky One

I am often called lucky.

Imagine you worked all week preparing for a test. You beat your temptations and saved the marshmallow. You aced your test.

Your best friend says, oh you are very lucky. How does that feel?

Yes, I am lucky in many regards and grateful to be so.

But I take offense when I am told that I am lucky to have a job that lets me travel.

Of course I was lucky that my parents sent me to good school. Lucky to be born in a time when we have internet. Lucky for the parents I got.

But I did not eat a lot of marshmallows to be here. All those months without direction.

It Took Me Ten Years To Be Lucky

It took me ten years to be lucky.