Feb 6, 2010 - Life Hacks    6 Comments

Get your Free Presentation Controller Here

If you happen to watch any TED videos, you can see that all speakers browse through their slides using a remote in their hands. Looks pretty cool, but the cost of a Presentation controller is not very.

My Laptop (Dell Studio 15) came with a Bluetooth mouse. It looked just like a mouse at first, soon I found 2 extra keys on the side, couple of hours later, two more hidden buttons were revealed.

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Feb 2, 2010 - Life Hacks    13 Comments

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Steve Jobs of Apple is considered to be one of the greatest speakers alive. Below is a speech he gave at a graduation ceremony at Stanford in 2005.

I turn to this video for inspiration and courage whenever I feel down. @AravindJose also said the same, I know you will also love this one. Its amazing.

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Jan 29, 2010 - Memoir    10 Comments

A Week To Remember

What an awesome week this was. A lot of things happened this week, a short record –


Attended Church on Sunday. I rarely do that these days, but I love going to the church. Being in the church is a time to think of me and find my bits and pieces.


Sleepless night. I was preparing the presentation for the Campus Blogging Meet. I love staying up all night and its been about 2 months since I did it last. Felt so good.

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Jan 28, 2010 - Memoir    4 Comments

First Campus Blogging Meet at Innovation Lab

The first Campus Blogging meet was held at Innovation Lab, Cochin, on last 26th. Purpose was to make new bloggers, spread the idea of campus blogging and interconnect various campus blogging initiatives.

Organised by @KenneyJacob, I was there to meet up with my friends and to take a session on ‘How to write good blog posts’.

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