Showing Up

I prefer to read non-fiction. There is usually no gripping story or hook that turns pages for me. Also, I am a slow reader. However every time I pick up my Kindle, I typically read 2% of the book I am reading. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or how I am feeling. […]

The Unlucky Cat

For the longest time, in my book, luck was a resort for the cowardly. If you couldn’t beat the odds and get what you want, you didn’t try hard enough. How could I see otherwise from my seat of privilege? With more time to look back, connect the dots and reflect on the journey so […]

One Extra Dish

A sink full of dirty dishes can be disheartening to look at. Especially if you are the one responsible for cleaning it. Now this might not work for everyone, but what works for me is to clean one extra dish each time I use the sink. If I am washing my hands, I clean a […]

Your Perspective Is Limited By Your Knowledge

Look at the waves above. Many of you saw a beautiful photo. Some of you wished you were on a beach with a view like that. Some of you thought of your last beach vacation. Very few of you saw the the way the waves curled. You noticed if it was going left or right. […]

Be Like Roma

For the longest time I believed that selfless love was a myth. Helping strangers, every act of kindness, gives you joy and pleases your ego. Parents doing-it-all for their kids was biological and meant the survival of their genes. In my mind, these are not selfless. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think these […]

Doers FTW

I was recently very surprised to find that many of the doers I know are not familiar with the “Man In The Arena” quote. It’s an extract from a┬áTheodore Roosevelt speech, a paragraph that had great influence on my life. It’s amazing what we can do once the fear of rejection and criticism are manageable. […]

The Lucky One

I am often called lucky. Imagine you worked all week preparing for a test. You beat your temptations and saved the marshmallow. You aced your test. Your best friend says, oh you are very lucky. How does that feel? Yes, I am lucky in many regards and grateful to be so. But I take offense […]

True Luxury

One of the greatest joys of life is to do great work. To do work that matters. Great work has the potential to bring change. Your work might not change the world for everyone. Changing someone else’s world is just as good. After all change begins with one. Like a cigarette butt that can burn […]

Bringing Home A Taste Of Hyderabad

My good friend Lucky Murari got married recently and that took me to his hometown, Hyderabad. The last time I went to Hyderabad was during my 12th grade when our batch went on a 6 day pleasure trip. A lot has changed since then. The current state of Telengana was still part of Andra Pradesh. […]

First Aid Kit For Urban Travel

A first aid kit is like a pair of fat-pants. You hope you never have to use them, but it is nice to know that they are there in case you need them. Traveling exposes your body and mind to experiences that you are not used to. It should, otherwise what is the point of […]