SSH is Not as Easy as I Thought

Ok, so as decided, I was SSH-ing or Simply Sitting @ Home for the past one week. But practically, SSH involves a lot of work especially for a freelancer.

First priority is Time. You never know where all the time went. I would wake up and read and write a couple of emails, reply to some facebook and twitter calls, and lo! its afternoon already.

Then I would have my breakfast (yes, breakfast) and get back and before I know it, lunch is ready. Time moves slowly only in the evening, and that’s when most things get done for me.

Einstein was right, Time is relative!


And I thought SSH involved freedom to sleep and go out. The truth is, I haven’t been having enough sleep, I feel like the exam days at college. I would take a nap at 11.00 pm and tell my sister to call me after an hour or so. Its been a crazy week and I still have a ton of work pending.

Anyway, as a result of ‘hanging-out‘ with @KenneyJacob and @TheAnand last Monday and Tuesday, I have decided to give up SSH and to move to the next level, more on that later.

P.S: There was a trip to Veega Land last Wednesday 🙂

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