The Journey is the Reward

Last day while returning home from Cochin, I met this guy, Shine. He is from my neighbourhood, I knew him for about 3 years. He was running his own PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing unit near my home.

He had about a dozen employees and was running it pretty well. However, when I tried contacting him for my college project last January, he was gone. I went to his factory, and it was closed down. I was told that he had to close down cuz of some sales tax issues.

I got the real story from Mr. Shine. He was using a Freelancing accountant for filing his company tax and all the paper work. Unfortunately, this accountant wasn’t doing his job well and was taking home all the money Shine paid him. He wasn’t paying taxes for 36 months, so the Tax department sent him a notice. Shine was forced to shut down the business and pay the huge fine.

The Journey is the Reward

While in the Bus and while walking home on foot, we talked about various stuffs, photography, travel, marriage, radio and everything. He was passionate about all the things he told me.

When it was time to take the turn to my home, we said good byes. He walked away. I stood there watching him for a while and I felt something heavy inside me. It was nothing but the respect to a person who took the road uncommon, walked the ways his heart took him. He is an example of a true Entrepreneur. He is 39, and he is not a quitter.

It doesn’t matter where he reach, the journey is the reward.


5 responses to “The Journey is the Reward”

  1. How sad it is when love of money becomes so strong! That accountant hurt many people & poisoned his own life in the process. I hope your inspiring Mr Shine can build again, & once more help his community by providing jobs & inspiration for others…

    1. He sure will I hope, true entrepreneur’s never quit ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. wait… wait…
    this is the same guy, right?
    we three, me, u n jeril went all the way cycling to find the place he was working?

    yeah… I remember, it was evenin, u first went th wrong way, ended up in ‘SHINE’ plastics in Iringole, which was at the opposite side of the village, later… uh.. n then uh.. (som gap in th memory) then we were at his place, I remember th computer he was working on…
    I dono how that day ended…
    n I was a little, in 10th grade o somethin.. n I was too irritatin those days ( still am ๐Ÿ˜› )
    n this news is a new thing to me.. never knew it.

    1. yeah, same guy. Wonder what he is upto now..

      1. dont know….
        havent seen him for a while…

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