Went to Amritapuri Again. This Time for a BarCamp!

It was my second Trip to Amrita, the first time was in March, last year with @TheAnand for my first presentation ever. This time it was for BarCamp Kerala 9.

I had made my travel plans with @Praseed3point14 so I went to stay at his home the previous night. We spent the technical evening discussing almost everything that we could find in common with ourselves. I know that’s a very very small sub-set, but I got a lot of stuffs, including his advice “Now its my time to Flirt with Ideas, so just do it”.

I skipped the nights sleep and we were at the Train Station by about 4 in the morning. Train was late. I tried to catch some sleep once I was in the train. Somewhere in between others joined in. After one hour into sleep I woke up and PraseedΒ  was telling me “You shouldn’t sleep more than an hour, power nap is the best”. Ah! Nice time to hear such things πŸ˜›

Praseed and Co in Train

Anyways, time went fast, and we reached Kayamkulam Station. Kenney and others arrived. The college bus was supposed to wait for us at Ochira. Thanks to @saranjith and other awesome organisers, they agreed to send the bus to the station. We got on the bus, to the campus.

Kenney and Co arrives

The organisers did a great job here. The hall was neatly set. There was a projector set aside to display the tweets of the session. We called it the Tweet Wall. It was fun to see the tweets live as the sessions were going in. It just quadrupled the fun of Live Tweeting. (We should have this thing for every BarCamp).

Second thing was wifi. For some reason it didn’t work for me, but others said it was awesome! Too bad I missed it. Thanks to my BSNL 3G, I had little issues. I was focussing on Photography this time, so it was not really a concern at all.

Things started off with self Intro.Β The sessions started. Details have been well covered by @JluSujith here: Barcamp Kerala 9: an Introspection.

What was missing?

BarCamp brings together people of all different kinds. There are college students, working professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and very little girls. The sessions do not exactly fit everyone. One single session would appeal to, say 30% of the crowd.

In the past BarCamps, there were some sessions that would appeal to the majority. Like the session on Entrepreneurship by @raj241071 at BarCamp Kerala 5 in Rajagiri. Sessions that anyone without any pre-requisite knowledge can enjoy and interact with.

That was missing this time. I think, a session like that would unite the crowd and make the whole thing more interesting.

And one more thing!

Well, this is huge. This time I realized why I always love attending BarCamps. And I have to say the talks with @Praseed3point14 has a role in it.

When I am at a BarCamp, I am with cool and awesome people. People who have done so much in their lives and are really really talented. I feel like a ZERO when I am with them and that motivates me to work harder and learn new things. BarCamps motivate me.

I am looking forward for the next!

P.s: Photos of BCK9


14 responses to “Went to Amritapuri Again. This Time for a BarCamp!”

  1. I love barcamp for its networking opportunities . . .It is pretty awesome! A wonderful write even though you did not cover.

    1. Everyone has something to gain from a BarCamp!

  2. Good article, i badly missed the barcamp this time also. πŸ™

    1. See yo next time πŸ™‚

  3. had an awesome time with you guys. really REALLY looking forward for the next BarCamp

    1. Good job with organising πŸ™‚

      1. Saranjith Avatar

        thanks man! πŸ™‚

  4. Basi , you done a great job :).

    I think BCK5 was held at Trivandrum ( TBI ) , Rajgiri’s was the 7th one right ?

    BCK gives more people having similar interests . We gain more knowledge and meet different people especially like Praseed Pai , who motivates people.

    1. Why didn’t you show up? I was actually expecting you. Rajagiri was 5th I think, it was awesome!

      1. People who are leaving us, will not book a date as we do .
        Funeral of Uncles mother . So πŸ™ . Hope can see you next time πŸ™‚ .
        Heard you guys have the video . I am waiting for it πŸ™‚ .

        1. Not sure where is the video. Hope they will let it go out πŸ™‚

  5. Oh, bro, just missed this awesome event. This was one of the best things i had before, meeting new entrepreneurs, professionals and more u… The next Bar Camp, ill be there if am alive (Hope no more university exams that time :p ). Will see you again bro, with a lot of new surprises. πŸ™‚

    1. Yep, time to meet again. Next one would be a blogcamp, hopefully.

      1. that would be awesome!

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