Tag: College

  • Looking back!

    Today, its the completion of an year of leaving college. Looking back, I had a great year! The greatest of all would be living away from home. I never had to stay away from home for a considerably long time during school or college days, but soon after college I moved to Cochin. Stayed at…

  • Went to Amritapuri Again. This Time for a BarCamp!

    When I am at a BarCamp, I am with cool and awesome people. People who have done so much in their lives and are really really talented. I feel like a ZERO when I am with them and that motivates me to work harder and learn new things. BarCamps motivate me.

  • That was One Heck of a Farewell Party

    So as planned, I went to our college Farewell Party. Started off in our car, with mom (to drop her at work), picked @Jithoot on the way and reached the men’s hostel. Well, that’s not where the party is, but you probably know that every activity in college starts off from the hostel.

  • College is Done With. Whats Next?

    At 12.30 IST, today, I am officially out of college. Next I am gonna specialize in SSH.

  • Simple Logics for Screwed Up Times

    When we are screwed up, we find explanations to console ourselves. At least I do. The following are some of my favourite explanations which I use depending on the demand of the situation. I don’t care if they are right or wrong, I just feel better when I think this way.