Whats New?

Some time back, I used to have an online friend who would always Ask, “Whats New”. Its not a very big deal, but when you think of it, isn’t it much better than asking “How are you?”

All I can think of when someone ask me How I am is, the stereotyped “Fine“, or “Good“, which is most often a lie or “I have been better“, If I don’t want to spoil the mood. When I am brutally honest I would say, “F##ked Up“. None of these makes much sense.

New Sneakers

What’s new, one the other hand, makes me think of exactly whats new in my life. Isn’t that what you really wanna know when you ask someone how they are?

When asked with this question, you could reply with something you just bought, or some tour that you went on, or anything thats new in your life and maybe start a conversation on that.

Try it!

p.s: When I was thinking of new stuffs while searching for an image, all I could come up was new shoes. I got a thing for shoes.


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