Cycling to Cochin – Riding on 3 Apples and a RedBull

Mission: Ride from Perumbavoor to Cochin on my Bicycle. 38.7 kms as per Google Maps.


31st March 2010 – 7: 14 am: Leaving home on my old cycle

Backpack contains 3 Apples, 1 can of Red Bull, two bottles of Water mixed with ORS and chilled.

Stop 1. ATM 2 kms away, took out 200 bucks.

Stop 2. Aluva, 55 minutes after start. Calls back home, saying am alright 😉 Had the Redbull, and an Apple. 10 minutes.

Stop 3. At Panambilly Nagar (Destination). Time Elapsed: 2 hours 19 secs.

–[End of Log]–

Mission Status: Accomplished! YAY.

I used to cycle a lot when I was in school. Had lost the flavour till I saw this video sometime this month:

My bicycle, an old Hercules AXN was in ruins. Did a major repair last week for 800 bucks. New Tires, New Tubes, New Handle Bar, New Pedals, New Brakes, New Bell even.

Route Map

Click to Enlarge


RedBull and Apple
RedBull and Apple

Tag - My Dad's Number
Lol. Dad left it on my cycle, his number. Just in case I fainted 😛
Me on My ride @ Ayruz Office. Click to enlarge
My Ride, Parked Inside Ayruz
My Ride, Parked Inside Ayruz

Having done this, I feel awesome. I am up for another challenge!

p.s: That was my first time with Red Bull today. Tasted like Appy-Fizz gone bad 🙂

25 responses to “Cycling to Cochin – Riding on 3 Apples and a RedBull”

  1. Awesome dood…

    U really showed guts fdo that 🙂 btw, wasn’t Sun causing the prob?
    Last but not the least, the tag by your father is awesome 😛

    1. he he, even @KenneyJacob said so. Awesome Dad!
      I started early, so missed the Sun

  2. Awesome dude..i had this in back of my mind. But logic was telling me that at my age this is going to be trouble. Well you just kindled the spark again.. Cant imagine how you felt after all that ride in Kochi heat 🙂

    1. I think its the Red Bull, but I am very focussed at the moment. I started at 7:14 and reached here by 9:14, so missed the kochi heat. Lets do the Kochi Kothamangalam once!

  3. Well, thats nice. Even i’ve a cycle at my home. Its an old Hercules cycle. I’ll do some repair on my next visit to Kerala and do a ride like this.

    You inspired me.

    Btw, i do this kind of adventurous trips in my bike. Last week I went to Kerala from Bangalore by my Pulsar 135 LS. Continuous ride of 680 kms with enough break in each 50-100 kms. Started at 4.30pm from Bangalore and reached Kozhencherry at 7.00 Am Next morning.
    🙂 🙂

    Return trip was also an awesome trip. Started at 2.00 Pm from Kozhencherry and reached Bangalore at 5.00 Am next day. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks! That means a lot man.

      Am not up for any Biker challenges, cuz I dont have a real bike yet, and the one I have (an old Bajaj Boxer) is a challenge by itself 😀
      I have a crazy friend who does similar challenges. Wanna do them sometime 🙂

  4. Clap clap clap. 🙂

  5. What’d you do for return journey? Took an auto or again bought two more apples and one red bull? 🙂

    1. No return journey, I have a home in cochin 🙂

      1. Oh k 🙂 it was a challenging thing to do anyways…


  6. haha 🙂 cool – liked it – i used to ride to my 13 Km away +2 school.

    1. Thanks! thats 26 km every day. Wow!

    1. Jeet ke aage, sleep hai! 😛

  7. kudos mon!!! i had no clue nee veetil panrajitta ee panikku erangiyatunnu. . dad’s tag cracked me up (i’m glad he did it, though! ;D)

    1. heyy!! mom made a scene when she heard the idea.. But dad was supportive! he rocks 🙂

  8. cycle ugran

  9. U are always awesome… hatz off to you

  10. prakashpgopinath Avatar

    Anti nuclear Cycle Yathra. would you like to join?
    Ernakulam – Alleppey-K ollam-Thiruvanandapuram
    On December 3rd to 8th,
    Contact: N.Subrahmanyan: 9847439290

    1. Not free at the moment, but thanks!

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  12. […] first time it hit me, I was cycling back home from Cochin. Now some of you might remember the first time I cycled to Cochin and then the cycling trip I took with my friend to Alleppey. The trip to Alleppey was epic. But […]

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