Looking back!

Today, its the completion of an year of leaving college. Looking back, I had a great year!

The greatest of all would be living away from home. I never had to stay away from home for a considerably long time during school or college days, but soon after college I moved to Cochin. Stayed at two places so far, so far so good.

Looking Back!

Among the stuffs I got involved with: SSH was a big failure, sitting at home and working is not for me. Then I got involved with Smiley Card which was my attempt to get offline, but I ended up being a failure. But it was worth it, made me realize I was not an offline guy which contradicted what I thought about myself before. And taught me a lot of Life Lessons.

Following which, I went to start a venture with which I am right now. So far so good, its a Get Rich or Go Broke plan! Thats the fun part 🙂

Being free from college routine let me travel a lot, of which the Tata Jagriti Yatra was the greatest of all! Btw, registration for TJY 2011 are open, this way -> jagritiyatra.com

Now busy writing the story for next year!

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