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  • Why Machine Gun Preacher Is The Greatest Movie Ever

    If a movie changed your life, how many stars would you give it? Machine Gun Preacher changed my life and my attitude towards life and so I think its the greatest movie ever. I stumbled across Machine Gun Preacher a few years back and life has never been the same ever since. There are a…

  • What I See Is What I Get?

    I saw the movie “The Social Network”, the story of Facebook. As with all similar movies, they make it look so simple. Before you know it, the company is world famous. I like the way the focus of the movie is not on the company itself, but on the drama behind its making.

  • Lots of First Times In a Couple of Days

    We went for Inception. Its the first time I am going for a Hollywood Movie in a Public Theatre. Given the fact that, I only watch hollywood and I have seen over 400 movies (I can prove with, I have a list), its pretty odd. Anyway, this is the first. Inception rocks, gotta see it…

  • 500 Days of Summer and 1 Day of Autumn

    As they say it, it is a story of a boy meeting a girl, but its not a love story. Having said that, the movie is very romantic and is all about Love. No, its not another tragic ending movies, it ends very happily… shh, I should tell you about the twist. Go watch it.

  • Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot

    V for Vendetta is the story of a masked fighter who calls himself V and who fights against the corrupted and monarchist government. This movie got action, dialogues, a twisted romance (never seen a movie in which the lover shaves the head of his girl, lol), and suspense. Total thriller.