500 Days of Summer and 1 Day of Autumn

It was the engagement of one of my good friends sister (Peter Paul Pittappillil) which was good for the food (3 course with a wide array of deserts), meeting up with my school mates and the real part, picking up all the ‘eves’ from around the party (the collection was great) and that’s three sets of (bracket) in a ridiculously long sentence.

To double the awesomeness, instead of diving deep into my Sunday Sleep-of-the-Week, I decided to watch a movie and picked (500) Days of Summer.

500 Days of Summer

As they say it, it is a story of a boy meeting a girl, but its not a love story. Having said that, the movie is very romantic and is all about Love. No, its not another tragic ending movies, it ends very happily… shh, I shouldn’t tell you about the twist. Go watch it.

I could put myself exactly into the shoes of the hero, well.. not exactly him, but thinking in terms of much less girly things, yes. If I had seen this one right when it was released in August last year, then I would be a much better hero.

This movie is a much watch for any Heart Broken Lover and it agrees closely to how I see Destiny and Fate.

P.S: (500) Days of Summer has some real nice, and romantic sound tracks. The movie is presented very creatively and differently and the girl in the movie looks great. me likes 😉

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