The Final Countdown

6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

6 more days and my college life is done with.

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It feels pretty weird, I have never written about my college here where I am supposed to be personal. Sometimes I think I got nothing from college, but sooner I would realize everything changed when I was in college. Everything.

I am a final year B-Tech Student at Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kothamangalam. The ‘am’ will change into ‘was’ in about a week. Of course the 2 month long exams remain, but I won’t get to meet my friends once classes are over.

Its farewell time now, Had a Farewell party at Group Tutor’s Home last Wednesday, except @HariKris19, my bff, who went to attend his cousin’s marriage, everyone was there. Had fun, you know how these farewell parties are.

Later last week, on Thursday, there was a grant sent off from IEEE Student Branch. It was me, @AswinSagar and @ShyamCN who worked in re-innovating IEEE Student Branch in my college, which was dormant for a long time. Those were good days, I will always remember…

More parties and more tears to come…

I have gone through this before when I school life ended, so I know this feeling will pass. Still right now, it feels heavy.


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