Remembering Last March

The march of 2009 was one of the most important months of my life online and I would say the best month of 2009.

Adsense Baby!

First, it was the month which I got my first Adsense Check. I enrolled with Adsense in the October of 2006, so it was really exciting to get hold of the check. Wonder how many people have helped me earn it, the people I have never met.

As always the first check is the sweetest and the hardest. I got some more checks later that year, but none of them was as special as that.

Presentation at Amrita Fooster

This was my first presentation on any camp.

A friend of mine, @anichandru invited me and @TheAnand to the grant event. We did a combined presentation on Blogging (me) and Making Money Blogging (Anand).

Anish Chandran, Juwal Bose, Me and Anand at Amrita Fooster 2009
Anish Chandran, Juwal Bose, Me and Anand at Amrita Fooster 2009

Anish and @JuwalBose did a Presentation on Blender too. It was one fine day. You can see my slides and notes here.

Money March

It didn’t stop with the Adsense check, so I named the month as Money-March. For the first time I made money from affiliates, most of them coming from the Free StudioPress Themes Page.

Add on to that, I got to work on a website for a guy, and that would be my first client. (shh, I did better not say more about it).

One year later, things are going strong, a lot happened in between, I mean a LOT. Wish I had started Kuttappi last year. Anyways, sooner is better 🙂


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  3. Wow! really loved your post….

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