The Secret to Being a Millionaire

Over the past few weeks, I got the opportunity to interact with a lot of people. Those interactions revealed to me some interesting facts.

Dream It Big

  • Everyone wants to get rich, but very few are ready to put in the effort. Not every one becomes a millionaire by winning a lottery. Exceptional results come when you put in exceptional efforts.
  • Very few people have an idea on what they want to do with their life. People just follow the trend. They are stuck in the RAT Race.
  • Most people are afraid of taking Risks. I know you know that. But many of them are even afraid of the idea of taking a risk.
  • Everyone have a set of common Dreams like a big house, a car and the like. World Travel is one among them.
  • There are other people who have big dreams, but for some reason, they are not willing to chase their dreams. I am not sure if they are burning candles and praying every night for a miracle to happen. I don’t think they would ever wake up with a million dollar bill under their pillow.
  • Not everyone is self motivated. People go down very easily.

Now I know why I don’t find many millionaires around. People who have made it BIG have put in BIG efforts and they have RISKed it all. Something drove them all the time and I believe it was their Dream that kept them motivated and took them places.

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